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Q: are you staying in dorms? id love to see what yours looks like if so!

yess!! its really big which is great and nobody has lived in it before cause the building is new - the only issue is that you cant open the window…..like not even a crack

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Q: in what ways are you different now then when you were 14?

i was younger….so hopefully more mature..?

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follow my instagram and ill check yours ouuuuuuuuuuuuut!

Q: what even is fate?

haha bullshit

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Q: how's uni life like? haha have you started your classes yet?

i move on sunday morning! haha pretty exciting

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Q: will you and your boyfriend try long distance this year? what's your opinion on long distance relationships generally?

yeah we will - it’s a two hour train ride so hopefully all will go welll

i think if the distance is too much, as in a different country/continent long distance can’t work. also depends on the couple though

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Q: What do you wear ur blue Supergas?? I find they never match my outfit

i don’t dress too colorful so they mostly work for me, especially during the summer

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Q: did you find ib mathematics hard?

i find all mathematics hard 

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Q: do u have any tips for losing some weight in an italian family ahaha? we eat pasta and bread at every meal so i find it hard to diet plus im scared to exercise cause my thighs are already pretty muscular :((

pasta and bread are not unhealthy they’re carbohydrates you need and burn really fast. just eat healthily and avoid junk food etc. i eat pasta once if not twice a day!!!! will never stop

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Q: do you believe in fate?


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Q: its not strange to has never been kissed with 17, a lot of people don't like to make out only because others think they should, some people still give a fuck about the things they do, and they don't like to do it just because society says so. I think it's actually cool of a girl to only kiss someone when she is in love with the person. It gives something special, a meaning that people seen to have forgot a long time ago.

sure thats great too was just giving my honest opinion

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Q: what are the items u want to purchase from the new zara fall collection? so specific i know lol

too specific and i have shit internet!! but basically everythin

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Q: do you still love pablo?

we stopped being in love a long long time ago, but he’s always gonna be a good friend 

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